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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Rev. Cate's January 2017 letter

                       Reverend Cate Edmonds
The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton
01404 851401
Dear Friends,

May I wish you all a Happy New Year? I certainly hope that this year is a better one than 2016, so much war and aggression, so much political turmoil and unexpected results and changes. A new phrase I heard coined,” lies are the new truth”. I have to say that I find that shocking and have to wonder where our moral compass is facing.

But it’s a new year, a fresh start, the light of Christ has been celebrated and remains with us, I hope and pray that this light will shine into the darkness of this world and bring some hope for us all. It is important that we hold onto hope or else we could slide into a downward spiral. So what do we hope for in 2017? Do we hope for world peace-that’s a large hope which we could say is not our responsibility or is it? Do we hope for personal prosperity- that can just further the “me” culture. Do we hope for political honesty and integrity- that would be good? I hope for the love which we have been celebrating over the Christmas, the love which comes from God through Jesus Christ, the baby in the manger who grew up into a teacher of the greatest message, to love, God and our neighbour as ourselves, will spread into every part of our lives and throughout our world. A vain hope you may say but one which must be held onto.

What is this love, there is a passage in the bible which is used regularly at weddings, which describes love, in fact it list 7 positive characteristics of love including, kindness, patience and 8 ways that love is not including love is not arrogant or selfish or rude, but the characteristic which is particularly important is found in 1 Corinthians 13:6 “it does not rejoice in wrong doing, but rejoices in the truth”.

St Paul who was the author of this passage was writing a letter to a new Church which was forming in the city of Corinth, there were power struggles as the roots of this new community were being laid, but Paul is emphasizing the need for love to under pin everything they were doing and that love is much more than affection. His emphasis on truth and forgiveness was so important then as they built their community and it is just as important for us now as we continue to build our communities and build up a new community in this country in the light of political change( I’m not going to use the word).

This particular passage of scripture concludes with the words faith, hope and love, we have to have faith in our leaders so we need honesty and integrity to be paramount, we need hope so that we can move forward not backwards and most importantly we need love, the God given love which is the glue for our communities and the world.

May the love of God surround you all this New Year and may it shine out and lighten our world. 

Every blessing, Rev Cate

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