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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rev, Cate's November Letter

          Reverend Cate Edmonds
The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton 
01404 851401
Dear Friends,

I have to say a comment I heard from someone the other day, it was made in jest, was that, “lying seems to be fashionable”. It was made after a certain political debate on television which got a lot of publicity. But it did make me wonder, if it is ok for public figures to lie so openly when else do people lie.

What are lies? Is there a time and place for lies, we often talk about white lies, just little insignificant untruths to ease a situation;  when a loved one asks if a particular  part of their body looks big and in order not to upset them you might say “oh no”. But is that really helpful? 

I was always taught that little lies grow into big ones and I think that is often the case. The deliberate untruth can eventually turn around and bite you back.  Now no one is perfect and I expect at times we may all slip up, but it must be the intent behind the untruth which is the real cause for concern.  Why is it necessary to speak an untruth? Is it to cover up a mistake? We all know children will often do that when they are young before they learn to be honest. Or is it to make some form of profit for the person involved?  What then are the consequences? 

Truth and honesty are the essentials in any civilized society, so we look to those in public office to be an example, so it is often shocking when we see deliberate lies, but we too have to be careful that we are not being hypocritical ourselves. 

There are many references to truth in the Bible, in St Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, written so long ago, he talks about the “belt of truth”, I think that’s a great image, not the belt holding something up or holding something in but the belt around the body which tightens with an untruth.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if that was the case in with public figures in debate, every time a lie was spoken the belt tightened, some might end up choking!  But it would also be helpful to us that every time an untruth fell from our lips or in our thoughts we were just given a little squeeze to correct ourselves. We all as responsible citizens do have to fight hard for the truth for in the words of Jesus “the truth will set you free”.

It’s worth pondering just for a moment on what truth is to you and let’s hope that that joke of lies being fashionable is just a joke.

Every blessing, Rev Cate

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