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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rev. Cate's Autumn Letter

                       Reverend Cate Edmonds
The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton
01404 851401
Dear Friends,

This time of year in the church calendar is often referred to as Creationtide. It is the time of the year when we think about creation and particularly thank God for the glory of the world around us. In this part of the country we have do much to be grateful for; so much beautiful countryside to admire and enjoy. It is also a time for us to review how we look after Gods creation in the fullest sense. Are we good stewards of the earth? Are we caring for it for future generations? Are we exploiting it for our own purposes? 

These are all very weighty questions, how would you answer them?

You may say "well, I recycle when I can", you may feel "it's not my problem someone else can sort it" or you may be troubled by what is happening around you.

I can't include pictures easily into this letter but I can describe troubling scenes that I am sure we have all witnessed from time to time, the lay-by with a large pile of used and discarded broken wall tiles, the walk on a footpath only to find a old electrical appliance in the way, someone had to drive there so why not take them to the tip? What about  overflowing bins with additional bags of rubbish left beside, or as we walk our lanes the number of cans and empty packets we can see in the hedges, is this looking after our countryside? Then there are much larger issues that we see on a national level, our wasteful society where supermarkets throw out perfectly good food because it has reached its sell by date. I could go on.

We do however have to stop and take stock of what we are doing to our earth. I have witnessed at first hand in the South Pacific the effect of climate change on people and I have to say it stopped me in my tracks and has made me think much harder about my actions and how good I am at looking after my small part of the world because we all can contribute to caring for the earth. This time in the church’s calendar is helpful as a reminder, so just stop for a moment and think of what you can do to help preserve our world for generations to come, it’s our responsibility not someone else’s.

Every blessing, Rev Cate

PS If anyone would like to be confirmed please contact me.

PSS I have our Curate on placement with me at the moment so you will see Rev. Leisa around from time to time and I may be able to get her to write next month’s letter! 

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