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Monday, 29 August 2016

Rev Cate's September Letter

                                                                                                                           Reverend Cate Edmonds

The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton
01404 851401
Dear Friends,

The sun is shining overhead, beautifully hot, the sky is bright blue but what do I see looming overhead, a dark cloud, oh no it's going to rain! I shall get cold, I haven't a coat or umbrella, panic, panic. I sigh, a cloud and rain to spoil my day. But does it? Within a few minutes the cloud has passed overhead and the sun shines and blue sky returns. Why did I worry, why did I fret? 

It's our typical response isn’t it? Something that could be unpleasant looms ahead and what do we do, panic, get depressed, give into negative feelings? We are all guilty of these feelings I am sure but what about looking at the cloud as an opportunity, a time to cool off, to water the garden. I suppose because we have such changeable weather we like to grumble about it constantly, rather than appreciating our changeable climate, but then what else would we have to talk about?

We automatically think of the looming cloud in a negative way, do we do that in other parts of our lives? When we see something that could be unpleasant or disturbing do we fall into panic or at least gloom? Sometime the unpleasant or disturbing thing may never happen, it may just pass us by and we worried about nothing. That I think is living our lives as if we were half empty glasses, looking at the negative rather than the positive. The looming cloud could be an opportunity to do something different, we could take advantage of the cloud and review what we're doing and perhaps look at something differently. That would be being positive and living as if our glass were half full.

We live in a world of much negativity and negativity leads to a loss of hope.

One of the key messages of Christianity is hope, hope that the dark clouds will pass by or the storm will so be over or if not hope that whatever the cloud brings there is always sunshine after the storm because the light of Jesus shines even into the darkest of places.

We have to be positive, we must see silver linings to clouds, we must be half full not half empty people if we are to ride the storms of our troubled world, giving into the clouds prevents us to see the sunshine. My prayer as the nights draw in is that we let the light of Jesus Christ illuminate the darkness of our world and give us hope of a world of peace to come. I wonder, is that what is meant by blue sky thinking?

Every blessing, Rev Cate

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