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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Harvest Barn Dance

Harvest Barn Dance
(in aid of St Andrew’s Church)


Friday, October 2nd at 7.30 pm

St Andrew’s Church, Feniton

Friday, 4 September 2015

Rev. Cate's Letter

           Reverend Cate Edmonds

The Rectory, Station Road,

Feniton 01404 851401

Dear Friends,
Last month in my letter to you all I wrote about connectedness, how we all have a need to be connected with each other. In the very highly technical age in which we live in this country we are all connected instantly with each other and can be readily connected to thousands of places around the world. Even friends and relatives who have emigrated to the other side of the world e.g. Australia, New Zealand etc. don’t seem quite so far away when we can Skype or Facetime them at the touch of a button and actually see them. So I thought that I might look at this idea of being connected even more closely.
As Christians we are all called to work together and to be part of one body, the body of Jesus Christ. We will all have different skills and functions as any body has, each has to play their part but all the parts need to work together for the body to function properly. As members of that body we are required not only to work together and co-operate with one another but to join together for worship. This is not always easy when people have different views on how this worship should be done, but we are encouraged to come together in some way and often this is being united by the prayer. It is necessary for the maintenance, development and survival of the body of Christians, the world wide church.
Now this doesn’t only apply to Christians it can apply to any group of people, any community. Each of the communities we live in can function as a body, each person in the community will have a different function and be individuals just as each cell in our human bodies is an individual cell. There are of course key essentials, I’m not going to go into biology here, but the cells work together and we know what happens if cells don’t work together, this can bring about eventual death of the body.
So it is in the body of our communities, we all need to work together for the good health of our community body, we all have a responsibility to take a role and to work together with others. This can be difficult at times when there are different opinions about issues but for the effective growth, health and happiness of the body, our communities, we all have to try to get along , each taking responsibility for our function and not leaving it to someone else. Some may feel they don’t have a role but everyone in our communities is valued and important just as each cell in our bodies. So let’s all think about how we function in our communities and make sure we are making the most of building up a healthy happy community body. Don’t leave it to someone else thinking you don’t have the time or energy or skill because if you do it could cause the downfall of your part of the community and the poor health of the whole body, the community. Let’s all strive for a fit and vigorous community.
Every blessing, Rev Cate

"Paper Making in the Culm Valley"

Feniton History Group and St. Andrew's Church invite you to a talk by Colin Harris entitled "Paper Making in the Culm Valley".

Colin is a local writer whose career was in the paper making industry.

He has written a book on the subject. Along the River Culm at Stoke Canon, Silverton, Hele and Cullompton were paper mills making everything from Rough paper to the very finest note paper.

Come and hear how and why the area was so suitable. Colin will have copies of his book for sale. Admission £3.00 It will take place in St Andrew's Church, Feniton on Wed. 16th Sept at 7:30 pm.
All proceeds to the Church including the book sales.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Rev. Cate's Letter

Dear Friends,

When driving into Exeter this week first thing in the morning, I noticed a young woman walking along the road obviously talking to someone on her hands-free phone, then I noticed a young Mum pushing a buggy whilst talking on the phone, immediately after along came a jogger listening to music, I presume, as she jogged, then a young man walking along the pavement reading a book.

All of this got me thinking about connectedness, how we all are connected and all need to be connected in some way to others. Whether it is literally by phone, through music or the written word, we have to be in contact with others. In our modern world the availability of immediate connectivity is all around us and can at times be intrusive but we don’t seem to be able to do without it.  Why I wonder, is it because we are pack animals originally?

“In mathematics, connectedness is used to refer to various properties meaning, in some sense, “all one piece”. When a mathematical object has such a property, we say it is connected; otherwise it is disconnected.” Wikipedia.

I like this definition of being all of one piece, that in some way, whoever we are or wherever we are, we are all connected. For me as a Christian I believe we are all connected as part of God’s creation, and I believe that Christians are all connected through the belief in Jesus Christ. Whether we are of a faith or not I think we all have a need to be connected, a need to know that we are part of a whole, all one piece. That of course doesn’t mean we all have to be the same but that we all have a relationship and therefore a responsibility to each other. None of us can live in a vacuum totally isolated from anyone else, if we lived alone on a desert island in order to survive we would have to be connected to nature. So we are all connected in some way whether we feel it or not.
I get reassurance from feeling connected with others and especially with God and I reap great enjoyment from being connected with nature. But that puts a responsibility on me to respect that connectedness not exploit it. If we were all to respect the connectedness we have with all of those around us I am sure the world would be a better place, if we felt connected with those we disagree with perhaps we could work through our disagreements. It’s just a shame that in the many places around our world that there isn’t more connectedness and less disconnectedness and then the world would be a more peaceful and happy place.

Let’s try to enjoy being connected with those around us and with God’s creation and respect those connections.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sunday Cream Tea Aug 2015

Villagers enjoying the sun at the church yesterday

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Organ Recital


On Saturday the 15th of August there will be an organ recital by Ben Scott in St Andrews Church Feniton starting at 7.30. Ben will talk about the pieces he will play and after the recital will take any questions about his role as an organist.  Admission will be £6.50 to include light refreshments.
Ben has been a regular visitor to St Andrews over many years playing for the occasional Sunday service as well as giving us fund raising concerts after the 2008 flood. Whilst studying for his music exams he played our new organ and actually sat his practical exam in our church.

He is a young and very talented organist and will play a variety of music which will suite a wide range of tastes. Previous concerts by him have been very well supported so to be sure of a seat, tickets can be reserved by phoning Sheila or David Lanning on 850699.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rev. Cate's Letter

           Reverend Cate Edmonds
The Rectory, Station Road,
01404 851401
Dear Friends,

How lovely it is as I write this to see blue sky with just a wisp of cloud from my office window. When I woke up early this morning to walk the new addition to our family the air was fresh, the sky was blue, the sun was just rising to shine and the world looked wonderful, I appreciated my walk and the world around me. It might sound rather romantic and I’m sure we all appreciate how fortunate we are to live in this peaceful part of the world.

I have to say having a new 4 legged friend, by the way she is a black collie named Sasha, has made me go for longer walks than our old dogs could cope with. It’s such a good way to spend some time in thought. One train of thought was about Sasha; she was nearly 8 months old when we got her, she had had no training at all and certainly was unsure about what was right and wrong. So she needs a guiding hand to teach her, if left untrained she certainly could not become part of the family, she needs to learn the rules of the home and community so that she can become a considerate and useful member, taking an active part in our lives. My train of thought moved onto humans, we too need a guiding hand from time to time; we need training not just in the physical things of life but in the spiritual and moral ways of the world. Without a guiding hand, teaching and example we run the risk of being out of control and not “house/community trained”. We all have the guiding hand of God available to us to guide, protect, to steer us on the right path and help us to develop our moral code. As Christians we follow the teachings of Jesus as our training manual, yes sometimes we have “accidents” and make mistakes but like any good dog owner/trainer God forgives us and lets us try again perhaps a bit harder.

I am really appreciating this extra time I have for reflection, (whether I will on a cold wet winter morning, we’ll wait and see)  but I know it’s good for us all to take time to think about our place in the world and perhaps what additional training we need. Not everyone will appreciate my canine analogies but we can learn from a range of people, situations and things and I hope you may get the meaning and don’t forget DOG spelt backwards is GOD

Every blessing, Rev Cate

Friday, 12 June 2015

Notice of change to church services

Dear all,

Usually on the second Sunday of each month we have at St Andrews a 10.30 service called Morning Worship, this service cannot taken by Rev. Cate as she is taking a service at Payhembury at the same time.

The only Communion service for the three parishes on the second Sunday has until now been held at Escot at 9 a.m., but most parishioners from Feniton or Payhembury who wish to have a Communion service are reluctant to move their place of worship.

So for a trial period of three months we are holding a 9 a.m Holy Communion at St Andrews hoping that being in the middle of our church group will prove to be more convenient to members of all three parishes.  This service will be taken by Rev Cate.

Escot church members have been very accommodating in taking part in this trial run.

We hope that you will be able to attend or at least make comment on this change of venue

Yours sincerely

Rev. Cate and the PCC.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Recent Photos taken at the Church

The Chapel set for the signing of the marriage register 

Wedding Guests arrive by vintage bus!!

The Church, being full of Wedding and Christening Gowns, the congregation held the Sunday Worship in the village hall.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Rev Cate's Spring Letter

Dear Friends,

We have just passed Whit Sunday, did you notice? Sadly it passes many people by. Some of you may remember that we used to have a moveable Bank Holiday which was usually referred to as Whit Monday as it followed Whit Sunday and this was the start of the school summer half term holiday. Whit Sunday or Pentecost as it is referred to in the Bible is 50 days after Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Day. Easter is calculated by the movement of the Moon and therefore so is Pentecost or Whit Sunday. However in 1971 it was decided to fix the date of this bank holiday for convenience and it became known as the Spring Bank Holiday and so the association with Whit Sunday and thus with Pentecost was lost and for many it was only a memory.

Why Whit Sunday you may ask, well it is commonly believed that as people were often baptized/christened on that day and the tradition was to wear white so the word Whit was derived from white.

Why you may ask were baptisms/christening taking place on that day? The answer is is the other name for that day, Pentecost. The Day of Pentecost was the birthday of the Church, when Jesus followers were together after he had returned to heaven, they we waiting for something special. It came in the form of a rushing wind and tongues of flame settling on the disciples. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and were enabled to teach and travel around the world telling the stories and teachings of Jesus and so the early church was born.

Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is the presence of God with us every day and if we are open to His spirit we produce fruit, that is we can demonstrate it by 9 attributes; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control.

I don’t know about you but I think these are good attributes for all of us to have whether we are Christian or not. Whether we remember Whit Sunday, Pentecost or the coming of the Holy Spirit it’s certainly worth remembering the fruit of the spirit and if we worked hard at these I think the World would be a better place don’t you?

 Every blessing, Rev Cate